Lab Container for WordPressThey present three quotes for materials or services your company requires, one from the company of their cronies, e.g. Nicholas Chia Co or Basil Lu Co, and two from the rivals. The two from the rivals are always the false quotes, which are always with a higher rate. So who will win the bid or tender?

The next area to watch is the clocking in and clocking out of your company workers. At times they don’t even have to come to site to scan their cards. Their friends can do it for them. One safety officer was scanning cards of workers who did not turn up to work on site. Those workers were working at another site belonging to other employer. Some smart companies ask the workers to scan their fingers. But after scanning the fingers, they can still sneak out to work for other employers. In the evening they return to scan the finger for the day. So on their time sheet, the man hours worked is perfect.
At another rig, there was an access point and an exit point, both at opposite end of the rig. The subcontractors were charging more than the number of workers they brought in every day. The rig had many levels and it was difficult to audit the number of workers present every day. When an honest rig manager came in, he put two extra guards to stand at the access and exit points. So each worker was allowed to leave only one brass when he went onboard, and also to remove only one brass when he knocked off.
Components leaving worksite or workshop must be consigned accordingly, and the number shipped out must tally with the quantity stated on the consignment notes. Tell your guards to count those parts to be taken out. If your guards are not able to identify the components, find people who are able to identify all those components. You cannot save money on this area. It is common for people to steal components from the company they work for and sell to the rivals at a lower price.
Materials received must also tally with figure stated on the invoice. Handover of goods must not be done in a hurry. It is most common for suppliers to appear fifteen minutes in your workshop or yard with plenty items for you to check before signing on the receipt. If you check every item, it will definitely take you one hour or more. Ask him to leave with those goods and come back the following day so that you don’t have to take a risk. Money can be earned but reputation once spoiled, is gone for good.
Another method how they sucked plenty of money out of the company was using material issue vouchers (MIV). Only three signatures were needed on the MIV, one authorized to raise, another authorized to approve, and the last one to receive. These MIVs were presented to the shops which had agreement to supply materials to the company. After the materials were issued the shop owner brought the MIV to the company finance department to claim the cost. So there were cases which materials were never issued, and the cheats instead asked for cash from the shop owners.
Then you have those running around the company, especially in the cafeteria, teaching others by asking : “ if you just depend on your salary, just until when are you going to work?”
Honest employees are the most feared, especially those totally not involved in cheating, swindling or corruption. As usual, stories are cooked up against these honest fellows, to make them look bad in front of the directors.
One more case I heard of was the hotel incident. This employee was authorized by the company to entertain business clients or other dignitaries in that hotel, and the hotel representative would bring the bills to the company finance department to claim the amount stated. So the father told the hotel authority to allow his son to fake the father’s signature. Whenever the son wanted to eat or drink, he simply walk in, either alone or with his cronies and after taking whatever they wanted, he signed off the bills, with fake signatures. At times the hotel cashier had to provide him with cash when he requested. The amount of cash he received would appear on the bills as foods and drinks.
The private sectors are not the only ones facing these problems. The government departments (cannot name which governments here) too have these issues, if not worse ones. Apart from jacking prices for whatever the government purchases, the cheats also used government employed workers to do their own jobs. That’s the reason why you have roads full of potholes, clogged up drains and dirty streets. All the workers involved in those projects are taken away to work on the projects of the ministers.
Are you brave enough to be a whistle-blower? Do you think your report will be looked into? Won’t you risk your own life, like being thrown out of a high-rise building? When you tell the CEO about the dirty deals within his company he may thank you and pick up from there. But for the government, what can you do if the Prime Minister is also involved?

This container is (7X3.5X3.5) meters, constructed of 1/8 inch thick steel plate. It was constructed in Malaysia and sold to a Singapore company for over S$300000.00, the accessories were charged separately. That price was more than 20 times the market price. Is your manager involved with purchases like this? Don’t you want to have a third party auditing for you? It will be cheaper in the long run.