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Errant residents and firms must bear the brunt of law if they flout it now. In the past the laws only appeared on paper. Clearing land by burning is crime against humanity. No one must be immune from the law. Almost all those fires were started by local farmers and the plantation owners.  Licences of errant plantation owners must be revoked and the owners put in jail. Otherwise, the haze will never be resolved.

The Air Quality & Pollution Measurement uses the term PM 2.5  to refer to Particulate Matter (PM) also known as atmospheric  aerosol, which are two and a half microns or less. Exposure to PM2.5 even for a short while can be highly hazardous.  For some, even for just one hour can result in heart attacks. Those with asthma will worsen if exposed to PM2.5 for a few minutes. PM2.5 enters the lungs.  It is the majority of haze particles that are about 0.15 microns in size.

PM stands for particulate matter which is the main air pollutant in the haze. Each of these particles is less than 2.5 microns in size, and  is equal to one over thirty of the diameter of a strand of human hair.

These PM 2.5 can travel hundreds of miles away from their source. Those sources are normally the wildfires or the volcanic eruptions.  The more PM 2.5 is in the air, the more hazy the atmosphere becomes, and visibility is very much reduced.

When the PSI reading is from 1 to 100, it is normal.

From 101 to 200, it is unhealthy.

From 201 to 300, it is very unhealthy.

From 300 and above, it is hazardous.

It is believed N95 masks can prevent PM 2.5 from getting into your lungs.  I have not seen or read the confirmation statements from its manufacturer.  My inquiries with two other brands on the market have also not been replied to. Recently, N95 manufacturers confirm their mask can remove up to 95 % of the PM 2.5.

To carry out real and effective changes, the authorities should begin with the pulp and palm oil companies. These companies have the no-burning policies which of course appear only on paper. For example, companies that burn protected forests would get 10 years jail and a fine of up to 15 billion rupiahs.  But until today, this law has yet to be carried out.

Each of these companies slash- and-burn several hundred thousand hectares of land per year and they must be brought to court.

The number of hot spots has been increasing in Indonesia year after year and by now it is clear that the Indonesian  government is not able to stop it. What can the green activists do?

It is common for farmers to own 5000 hectare plantation in Indonesia. To flatten and clear one hectare of land for cultivation, a farmer will need to pay about US$1500.00.How many of them can afford it? The livelihoods of the farmers are involved.  How does  the police carry out the enforcement?  Burning is the cheapest way. They just have to light up some dried grass or leaves, and the fire will raze on for the next many days.

Indonesia must have the one map policy with clearly marked all forest boundaries and concessions so that  culprits cannot deny it is their areas which are burning.

Clear responsibilities for law enforcement officers must also be implemented to avoid confusion regarding whose responsibility it is to nail down the culprits.

Farmers and companies involved in slash-and-burn  method  to clear the land must be controlled. Fire permits must be regulated to limit a certain acreage burning at any one time so that we don’t have millions of acres burning on the same day.

In Indonesia, during the dry season, it is common to see charred plots of lands, for every few kilometers you travel.

Owners who breach the terms and conditions of their licenses must be fined or put in jail. Unless they are accountable for their greed, they will continue to take the easy way out  and the haze will continue every year during the dry season. Do you have a better idea to prevent haze?

Fighting persistent fires in rural areas is not an easy job. Peat fires burn underground and are more difficult to extinguish because large amount of water is needed to put out the ambers. These pockets of peat fires are still igniting hundreds of hectares of burnt out farmland, releasing billowing smoke into the air because the fire fighters cannot reach some of those places.

Offenders  in Malaysia  face a fine of RM 500 000.00 or a jail term of not more than five years. This  law is widely flouted with convictions unheard of.

The main cause is that there is more money in agriculture now than in the past. And fire is the cheapest way to clear your land. It will cost less than 1% of the money you need to spend to employ others to do the clearing, not to mention the cost of machinery involved. If you pay the police and firemen not to touch you, you can also get the job done faster. Within five working days, any parcel of land will be totally clear and you don’t have to provide land space to hold the dead trees and leaves.

Some countries want to provide firemen and soldiers to help putting out the fires. The assholes will not allow your soldiers to put out the fire because by then who will remove those heavy timbers and grass? For a big plantation, the labour cost is not less than $7.5 m,  assuming the plantation area is 50000 hectares.

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Lab Container for WordPressThey present three quotes for materials or services your company requires, one from the company of their cronies, e.g. Nicholas Chia Co or Basil Lu Co, and two from the rivals. The two from the rivals are always the false quotes, which are always with a higher rate. So who will win the bid or tender?

The next area to watch is the clocking in and clocking out of your company workers. At times they don’t even have to come to site to scan their cards. Their friends can do it for them. One safety officer was scanning cards of workers who did not turn up to work on site. Those workers were working at another site belonging to other employer. Some smart companies ask the workers to scan their fingers. But after scanning the fingers, they can still sneak out to work for other employers. In the evening they return to scan the finger for the day. So on their time sheet, the man hours worked is perfect.
At another rig, there was an access point and an exit point, both at opposite end of the rig. The subcontractors were charging more than the number of workers they brought in every day. The rig had many levels and it was difficult to audit the number of workers present every day. When an honest rig manager came in, he put two extra guards to stand at the access and exit points. So each worker was allowed to leave only one brass when he went onboard, and also to remove only one brass when he knocked off.
Components leaving worksite or workshop must be consigned accordingly, and the number shipped out must tally with the quantity stated on the consignment notes. Tell your guards to count those parts to be taken out. If your guards are not able to identify the components, find people who are able to identify all those components. You cannot save money on this area. It is common for people to steal components from the company they work for and sell to the rivals at a lower price.
Materials received must also tally with figure stated on the invoice. Handover of goods must not be done in a hurry. It is most common for suppliers to appear fifteen minutes in your workshop or yard with plenty items for you to check before signing on the receipt. If you check every item, it will definitely take you one hour or more. Ask him to leave with those goods and come back the following day so that you don’t have to take a risk. Money can be earned but reputation once spoiled, is gone for good.
Another method how they sucked plenty of money out of the company was using material issue vouchers (MIV). Only three signatures were needed on the MIV, one authorized to raise, another authorized to approve, and the last one to receive. These MIVs were presented to the shops which had agreement to supply materials to the company. After the materials were issued the shop owner brought the MIV to the company finance department to claim the cost. So there were cases which materials were never issued, and the cheats instead asked for cash from the shop owners.
Then you have those running around the company, especially in the cafeteria, teaching others by asking : “ if you just depend on your salary, just until when are you going to work?”
Honest employees are the most feared, especially those totally not involved in cheating, swindling or corruption. As usual, stories are cooked up against these honest fellows, to make them look bad in front of the directors.
One more case I heard of was the hotel incident. This employee was authorized by the company to entertain business clients or other dignitaries in that hotel, and the hotel representative would bring the bills to the company finance department to claim the amount stated. So the father told the hotel authority to allow his son to fake the father’s signature. Whenever the son wanted to eat or drink, he simply walk in, either alone or with his cronies and after taking whatever they wanted, he signed off the bills, with fake signatures. At times the hotel cashier had to provide him with cash when he requested. The amount of cash he received would appear on the bills as foods and drinks.
The private sectors are not the only ones facing these problems. The government departments (cannot name which governments here) too have these issues, if not worse ones. Apart from jacking prices for whatever the government purchases, the cheats also used government employed workers to do their own jobs. That’s the reason why you have roads full of potholes, clogged up drains and dirty streets. All the workers involved in those projects are taken away to work on the projects of the ministers.
Are you brave enough to be a whistle-blower? Do you think your report will be looked into? Won’t you risk your own life, like being thrown out of a high-rise building? When you tell the CEO about the dirty deals within his company he may thank you and pick up from there. But for the government, what can you do if the Prime Minister is also involved?

This container is (7X3.5X3.5) meters, constructed of 1/8 inch thick steel plate. It was constructed in Malaysia and sold to a Singapore company for over S$300000.00, the accessories were charged separately. That price was more than 20 times the market price. Is your manager involved with purchases like this? Don’t you want to have a third party auditing for you? It will be cheaper in the long run.

In some parts of the world corrupt, evil and aggressive politicians can simply raise any claims for territory which historically was unknown to them. Isn’t this why most of the wars were fought?  People simply walked into your territory, forcing the natives inland or killing them. Then after some years, they claimed the territory belonged to them and they wanted independence.

If the law of 350 nautical miles from your shore is applied, then Batam and Johor must belong to Singapore, according to UNCLOS.

So don’t you think the British should return Falkland Islands to Argentina?

The potential flashpoints are the four island groups owned by China but they were  and are still being contested by Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.  These four countries are doing it basing their claims on the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) which allows a country to claim the 200 nautical miles from its shore. And beyond the EEZ, a country can claim a continental shelf up to 350 nautical miles from its shore. These clauses are valid and legal only if the island or land within the 350 nautical miles do not belong to another country.

The four island groups are: Dongsha (Pratas); Xisha (Paracel); Zhongsha (Macclesfield Bank) and Nansha (Spratly).The ancient maps also stated the coordinates of Xisha and Zhongsha.  Can another country produce this sort of concrete  evidence?

The Chinese has documented evidence of its claims on these island groups since the Han Dynasty (206BC- AD220). The two-volume  history record Zhu Fan Zhi (Record of Foreign Peoples), compiled from 1225-1242 by Zhao Rushi also mentioned those islands as Chinese territories. Obviously these Nan Hai Islands (South Sea Islands) are Chinese territories.  British admiralty also produced a map in 1912, indicating those islands as Chinese territories. China’s claim covers about 90% of the South China Sea.

Before 2009 no country protested against China’s claims to those islands. Philippines staked its claim in  1971. By  2009, the Philippines claimed that they have been occupying Zhongsha since 1946. They further added that Zhongsha was discovered  by Spain during the 18 century , and was therefore part of Philippines territory. But in 1898, when Spain ceded all Filipino territories to the United States of America, there was no statement to include those islands. So the claims of Philippines has no merit. Those islands are 160 km from Philippines shore, and in 2012 there was a stand-off between the Philippines  and China at Scarborough Shoal.

Vietnam was a colony of France. In 1933, France claimed Nansha for Vietnam but the claim did not go through because of the interference of China.  And China never abandoned Nansha from 1933 until today.

According to United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), land ownership generates rights over the seas for 12 nautical miles. But those islands were Chinese territories more than 2000 years ago. The countries which claim those four groups of island are Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.

During the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126 AD) Chinese national expeditions again confirmed those islands as Chinese. Why did not Vietnam object at that time? Vietnamese maps, until today used Chinese names to identify those islands.

The Chinese confirmed and declared the “nine-dash line” in 1948. It was only in 1994 that the United Nations’ Convention on the Law of the Sea was ratified, 46 years  after  the “nine-dash line” was declared? Why? And until today, USA has not yet ratified UNCLOS.

On 30th March 2014 the Philippines submitted (a 4000-page-memorial) its formal plea to the United Nations tribunal contesting China’s claims of those islands. It claims that area based on its exclusive  economic  zone.

According to the government of the Philippines, those islands are 870 nautical miles (1611km) from nearest Chinese shore, and are therefore illegal  for  the Chinese to claim them according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. But when was the EEZ introduced?  The UN gave China six months to respond to a complaint by the Philippines. Why should China respond when historically those islands were listed as Chinese? The “nine-dash line” was introduced by China in 1947, why was there no one country to dispute that? At the moment, it is more a ploy to encircle and contain China because of its growing power and fame.

By Customary International Law, which recognizes historical claims of territorial rights, the Chinese are the true owner of those islands. At a time when China was weak, Western powers created the norms and rules favouring the South East Asian countries, and Japan.

The Philippines is provoking China like a clown and we believe some super power must be behind it.  So for the moment, Philippines is enjoying some comfort in small victories, while Vietnam, Malaysia  and Brunei only  wait to see if they must also sue the Chinese. What are the legal merits of the claims made by these South East Asian countries, and Japan, based on?

Manila had been set by the UN arbitration tribunal at The Hague to submit evidence to back up its claims in the South China Sea by 30th March 2014. Why are Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei not willing to hand over their claims to this tribunal?

In 1974 and also in 1988, Vietnamese soldiers confronted the Chinese but lost both battles and they have not bothered the Chinese until today.  Under water seismic survey and investigation were conducted by China more than ten years ago. During those operations, the ships involved would have to remain in those waters for months and at times for years. WHY DID Vietnam keep quiet during the past over ten years?  Now when oil and gas worth  many billions of US dollars are confirmed under the seabeds, suddenly Vietnam says China is an intruder, and sends a wave of lethal anti-Chinese sentiment across the world.

There may be a miscalculation that could trigger a wider conflict which no one wants to see. But do you think the US citizens want another Vietnam War?

At the moment there are some Philippine soldiers stationed on board BRP Sierra Madre, which they deliberately grounded on the disputed Second Thomas Shoal. And then they stationed nine marines aboard that rusted World War 2 vessel.

More than half of world’s annual fleet of tonnage as well as four fifth of the crude oil delivered to China passes through the South China Sea. Now this is the most contested mass of water in the world. Many countries do not want to talk about history when they claim these islands. They only want to stir up scary stuff about China, and to destabilize and defame China.


The most strategic case is Diao Yu Tai, (the Japanese called these islands  Senkaku) now controlled by U.S. and Japan.  This area blocks Chinese access to the Pacific Ocean. But according to Chinese history, recorded evidence indicated the Chinese already owned those islands during the 14th century. Why were the Japanese and U.S.A. keeping quiet at the time?



There is a difference between publishing your own book and having it published. Have your book published means you authorize a mainstream publisher to publish your book, either as an e book or hard copy. This publisher will pay you a certain amount of fee for a start and will certainly pay you again if he wishes to publish another edition later on unless your hand over the copyright of that book to him. The disadvantage is that you have to edit your work the way they want it to be.


Your copyright is under your full control and you may authorize another publisher to publish the same title later on. The advantage of having your book published is that you need not worry about advertising the title which is always expensive. The publisher does it for you.



However, if you wish to publish your own book, then all expenses incurred will be your full responsibility. But don’t let the printer or the book distributor cheat you. Every printer will tell you it is cheaper to have 2000 copies printed, for a start. It is not true. He only wants to charge you more because the more paper and ink you used, the more he can charge. You will have to cough out more money. For an unknown author, in any part of the world, 1000 copies would be a good start.


After your book has been printed, the next job is to find a book distributor, to represent you. He will consign your books to bookstores where he has an account. For his commission and the commission of the bookstores, he will normally charge you 60% of the sales price, leaving you only 40%. This is the standard market rate and your books will also be displayed for only 12 months after which the bookstores will decide whether or not to allow you the space in his valuable shop.


Moreover, at the 60% rate you are also allowed to display the book in standing position, with only it’s title and author’s name visible. For your book to be displayed horizontally on a table or rack with the front cover clearly visible, you need to pay more.


Some bookstores may only allow you three months to display your books. They can simply tell the distributor to collect the unsold copies after three months and close the account. One bookstore confirmed that if a title does not sell more than five copies during the three months, it is normally removed for good.


The next thing you have to look into is whether all those bookstores carrying your books, actually display those books in their shop. One author discovered that of the 29 bookstores carrying his books, six of them actually did not show the books in the shops. The books were in the storerooms. The best way to find out is to visit the shops as a customer and ask the supervisor to show you where the title is. It is no use if the book is only listed in the PC. It must be displayed in the shop.


One author published his book in England and shipped some of the books to Asia for sale, without going through a distributor. To his horror, many months later, he found his books not displayed in the shop which the books were consigned to. The books were in the storeroom, still in the box. Was the supervisor really made a mistake or was he waiting for some “coffee money” which was very common in that country?


If you want to bypass the distributor, you have to pay over $1000.00 to have your book displayed for 12 months. Here again, the style of display is the same. You need to pay extra for your books to be displayed horizontally, with the front cover facing upwards.


The normal agreement you signed with the distributor does not include displaying your books during public book exhibition.  For this service you are requested to contribute from $100.00 to $150.00 for a one day display.  If you don’t contribute, your books will not be displayed at all.



In Malaysia, the bookstores will not release the names and addresses or the telephone numbers of their existing book distributors to you. So you have to spend money to advertise to find a reliable distributor. After you consigned your books to him, what would happen if he collects the money on the sold books and walk away? You will find that his phone number and address are no longer valid. This is some thing you have to risk and to learn by experience.


Unless you are sure the printing cost and the cost of marketing your books can be recovered, it is better to try publishing it on the Internet, on print-on-demand basis, where you may not have to cough out an initial cost.  Here the printer does it on demand basis and they normally charge those books at a very much higher rate. But the advantage is you decide how many copies you want and the pay for them and you owe the publisher nothing.   I deal with  You can give your books, free of charge to your friends or you may sell the books on your own. If the response is good, you may consider publishing it locally.


However, please be careful with the Print-On-Demand publisher. I came across one, and it requested less than US$1000.00, telling me that my book would be marketed on the internet with 25000 bookstores. That was a very good deal to me. But when I wanted to have the email addresses of those 25000 bookstores as a guarantee that the promise was true, I received no reply until today, more than one year already. Haven’t I the right to check with each store whether my book has been listed?


One fact you must know is, don’t expect to be rich by writing, if you wish to get to the top. So, please stick to your 9 to 5 job, but carrying on writing, just like you playing golf or shooting the basket.


My final advice is, only George Bush, Clinton or Obama, if they happen to write a book, can easily sell 2 million copies. But for an average guy on the street, less than 99 % of those who published their own title can sell more than 1000 copies of whatever titles they have published.

They set up websites and pretend to pay you for every click you do on their articles and also on every article you contribute

Mosquitoes must be fogged at least once every month. Stagnant pools of water must be removed immediately. 

Chikungunya first started in Singapore in 2008. By 2009, over 1000 people were infested. This disease is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, which also spread dengue fever. By March 2013, more than 2500 people in Singapore have been infested by chikungunya.


World wide, there are 2500 different species of mosquitoes. In the USA alone there are 150 species. Mosquitoes must have stagnant water to breed. Only the adult female mosquitoes bite men and other animals, like cattle, horses, goats, deer, rabbits, snakes, lizards, frogs and all types of birds. The males feed on plant juices. These buzzing little mosquitoes are disease transmitters, and can cause your cat and dogs to contact heartworms. 

WHO estimates there are 50 million cases of dengue and malaria around the world every year and of this, at least 125000 people die yearly. These diseases become more prevalent as the ambient temperature rises. Anopheles mosquitoes are the ones which transmit malaria to man.


Dengue and malaria are no longer seasonal. Their presence is now continuous. So beware of disease traps like discarded tyres, or tyres used to weigh down roofs in the shanty areas. Industrial equipment which are left in the yard, without proper covers or shades can collect rain water for mosquitoes to breed. 

For dengue alone, there are three strains of viruses at the moment. A person will need to take three doses of the vaccine, six months between each dose. Isn’t prevention better than cure? Dengue is now endemic in more than 100 countries.



At cooler climates, mosquitoes mate during autumn. But in the tropics, they mate whenever they become adults. After mating, the males die but the females hide in leaf piles, loose barks, or cracks in buildings. So clean up your bushy areas, but do not destroy the bushes as these bushes attract the small birds which feed on the mosquitoes. 

Another smart thing to do is to allow bats and birds to live around your area, possibly putting up bird and bat houses for them to roost. Bats are living bug zappers. One bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes per hour.


Another thing you can do is to request your local health authorities to carry out fogging at your area regularly if it is justified and if you are living in a country which cares. Disease-carrying mosquitoes have spread to cooler climates and are now a global problem.



Other areas to clean up are the possible sources of standing water such as discarded bottles, containers, flower pots etc. If you have a large pond, put fresh water fishes like mosquito-fish or bleeding heart tetra. These fishes feed on mosquito larvae.  Most other tropical fresh water fishes also feed on larvae. You can experiment on this yourself.



Mosquitoes remain within a mile or two of their source. But some are found to have traveled 75 miles from their breeding source. Most males live for about a week but  the females live up to a month.


Andes mosquitoes attack during the day. These are the ones spreading the dengue fever. The disease is transmitted when the andes bites an infested person and then bites someone else. They prefer to bite humans and can fly many miles from their breeding sources.



Culex  mosquitoes attack at dusk and after dark. They prefer domestic and wild birds. They can transmit sleeping sickness to man and horses. The females which emerge in late summer search sheltered areas to hibernate until spring.



Culiseta mosquitoes attack in the evening or in shade during the day. They mainly feed on birds and mammals, and occasionally humans.




ImageValue of Meditation

During 1970s, University of Massachusetts at Worcester, U.S.A., started a stress-reduction program. This center for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) still exists today. Visit:

By sitting still and following the movement of air entering and leaving your nostrils, your electroencephalograph reading will show that gamma waves which are associated with attention and learning are generated. Isn’t this good for you?

During meditation, unusual amount of brain activity in the left side of the pre-frontal cortex is going on. It was confirmed that experienced practitioners eventually have an average 5 % thicker cortex. This part of the brain is associated with positive emotions. You will therefore be more alert and happier than the others.

The mental images you see when your eyes are closed are your own creation. They can be anything a person may imagine. These are called Nimittas. For most people, they are beautiful lights of various colors, e.g. while, blue, purple, grey, yellow, orange etc. Sometimes they are bright and unstable, vibrating or flashing and changing shapes, like the clouds.

Some people also see eyes or faces when their eyes are closed. These are very normal and we should not be attached to them for our own safety. If they are too fearful, just open your eyes and they will be gone. Do not be attached to whatever you see. If a certain thing appears in front of you every time you meditate, just have a paint brush ready, dip it in ink and hold it while you meditate. When that thing appears, gently mark it with your brush and then open your eyes. What has been marked?

For more advance practitioners, within next few minutes after the nimittas, maybe few hours, days, months, or years, ( depending on how well you have practiced so far) Jhana will happen by themselves later on.

According the Buddha: for one who indulges in Jhana, four results are to be expected: Stream-Winner, Once-Returner, Non-Returner, or Arahant.

If you encounter difficulties, you need to consult experienced practitioners. These people normally do not request money for assisting you. If they do, be aware. It is better to consult those who don’t ask for monetary rewards.


Meditation is a form of psychotherapy. The number of psychiatric patients is increasing rapidly and many hospitals can’t cope. Those people ended up in the hospital because they did not know how to cope with stress. They need to relax mentally.  They are ambitious. They struggle too hard.


Meditation may also prevent you from ending up with diabetic, high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems, because the elasticity of your blood vessels will be improved and your blood toned up. As a person thinks of compassion, his body system stimulates the cells to generate valuable chemical compounds to produce energy and vitality. So we can say metta has tonic effect on the whole physical constitution.


The following are some of the other benefits of meditation :


Getting rid of your tension and find some relaxation

Calm down your worries and find permanent or temporary peace

Develop the courage to face or overcome your problems

Gain self confidence

Help you to understand the nature of your fears

Help you see the true nature of life ( if you are heart-broken)

Help you to be more focused and concentrated in your studies

Help you to have contentment and not to harbor jealousy towards others

Help you to overcome the fire of anger, hatred and resentment

Help you to understand the danger of jealousy

Help you realize how to overcome your dangerous habit



If you wish to read books on meditation, visit

The motive in writing this book is not to show others that Buddhism is superior to all other religions.  It is to revive the teachings and spread it.

Buddhism was not derived from Hinduism and was not stereotyped as many anti-Asian people used to believe. This group of racists said the fire and brimstones hells mentioned in Buddhism were borrowed from Christianity, not realizing that Buddhism was prevalent over 500 years before Jesus was born.

Buddhism and Hinduism are not the same. If they are, why are the Hindus very critical of the Buddha’s  teachings ? How can this happen if they are both of the same material?

Buddhism and Hinduism have common terminology, e.g. Kamma, Samadhi and Nirvana. However, the Nirvana of Hinduism is definitely not the Nirvana the Buddhists talk about. To realize the truth, you must practice because truth cannot be put into words or be given away.  Otherwise the Buddha would have given it to us long ago. Just keep on practicing without wavering and you are sure to advance to a certain level, though you may not attain Nibbana within this life time.


The Hindu Yoga is obviously concerned with gaining power over the forces of nature. When the Buddha taught meditation to His monks, His only objective was the extinction of suffering and release from conditioned existence. The supernormal powers, the ability to carry out prodigious physical feats or to obtain mastery over the external world  were never His intentions. These abilities cropped up as the by-products of Buddhist meditation.




Many ignorant people are terrified or paralyzed with fear when they hear from hypocrites that unless they are converted to a certain religion, they will go to hell forever when they die. I personally don’t think a person must be put in hell forever, for whatever he has committed on this planet, for the short duration of 60 to 70 years. Moreover, for that period of 60 to 70 years a guy spends on this earth, just because he believes in the almighty god, and he goes to heaven forever. It is indeed a very childish idea. Is that justice? Religion doesn’t grip people today as it used to be because the new generations ask more and more questions. They are no longer God-fearing. Perhaps for the Orientals, or other Asians, God-fearing is still valid. An average person from Western countries will want to investigate and ask lots of questions. So the braggarts say: You cannot question God. He will send you to hell forever. Our God has his plan and no one should question him.


Do you need to be slaves to an unknown and unseen being who is always invisible, to offer you the eternal happiness? Our ancestors were once either looking for food or avoiding becoming the food of others. Why didn’t this almighty god help them?


Buddhism doesn’t promise poor people that they will go to heaven when they die, so that they would leave the rich in peace. Are the poor people made easier to control in this manner? Perhaps few of them are, but for how long? Was it effective 2000 years ago? Is it still effective today?


People created the idea of an almighty god because they lacked security. They needed this god to give them comfort in good times, and courage during bad times, e.g. when facing dangers or when things go wrong. Haven’t you seen people becoming more religious at times of crises? Because of fear and frustration, god cropped up out of nowhere. People claim this almighty god is masculine. Others say she is feminine. And the last group says god is neither a he or she! He is neuter! So far there is no real, concrete or irrefutable evidence for proof to indicate there is such an almighty god.


This almighty god idea originated from Egyptian legends, Zoroastrianism and Hindusim.Some almighty god was always smiting non-believers by spreading  disease, pestilence and mayhem on them. (Check up history on the Canaanites, Sodom and Gomorrah)



The Buddha says:


“Gripped by fear people go to the sacred mountains, sacred groves, sacred trees and shrines”.


According to the Buddhists, the soul is only a constantly changing stream of mental energy. This energy is reborn, not the soul. However, the Hindus and other god-fearing people, believe an eternal soul or atman that passes from one life to the next. So during the Buddha’s time, the word soul meant a permanent thing, because it was created by an almighty god. That was why the Buddha said there was no soul. They would argue that it was impossible for the soul to be temporary since it was created by their almighty god. They held on to this god and permanent soul theory tenaciously.


The Buddha was talking to Meghiya: “ To him, O Meghiya, who comprehends impermance, the comprehension of no- soul manifests itself. And to him who comprehends no-soul, the fantasy of an “I” presiding over the five aggregates is brought to destruction, and even in this present life he attains Nibbana.”



Hindu sages had vague ideas about kamma and rebirth. The Buddha expounded them in details, fully and accurately. The Buddhists don’t believe an almighty god, but the Hindus do. In Buddhism every human is equal but the Hindus teach the caste system. Buddhists don’t believe in ritual purification, but for the Hindus, ritual purification is crucial.



Buddhism is a science because it stands up to verification. There are three main types of Buddhism today: Theravada, Mahayana & Vajrayana.  Hinayana is a sectarian term the Mahayanists used to call the Theravadians whom the Mahayanists think are inferior. Hinayana signifies a smaller vehicle and therefore can carry less people to Nibbana.




This book consists of over 3000 basic English words you are expected to have mastered before going to university college. Each word is explained in details and is accompanied by a full sentence to indicate its meaning beyond any doubt. To prepare good quality curry, you need the correct ingredients and the relevant cooking facilities. To do well in an English Language examinations at college entrance level, you will need all these words.

Speak and write Standard English. Command respect and admiration, be confident and effective. Express your ideas clearly.

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English: Dried fish, Bajo Lombok, Indonesia.

English: Dried fish, Bajo Lombok, Indonesia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to prepare salted dried fish good enough for the kings?

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Many methods are available in the market. But the ways these fish were prepared were poorly done and the fish cannot last six months.

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